It is with a great sadness that we have to announce that our Friend and Colleague, Professor Andrzej Witkowski passed away on 17 September 2023

We are saying Goodbye to a prominent scientist, geologist, an authority in diatomology and palaeooceanology, a valued techer and mentor.

Andrzej Witkowski worked at Universities in Szczecin and in Gdańsk and received full professorship in Earth Sciences in 2001.

During his long career he served the academic community as a holder of a number of important posts, including Vice-Rectorship for Science and International Collaboration (2005-2008 and 2008-2012) and membership in the University of Szczecin’s Council (beginning in 2021)..

Andrzej Witkowski’s scientific track record features hundreds of publications, monographs and articles. He participated in numerous scientific expeditions, including to the east coast of South Africa, to Namibia and Galapagos.

His vast knowledge and warm personality earned him extreme respect and popularity among his students, doctoral students and collaborators.

In 2021, Andrzej Witkowski received an ordinary membership of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS); he was also a member of two PAS committees: Marine Sciences and Geological Sciences.

He was also active at the Scientific Council of the PAS’ Institute of Oceanology.

Andrzej Witkowski was extremely active internationally, the network of his International collaborations spanning numerous countries on most continents. He spearheaded numerous international research programmes and projects, organized successful international conferences, and served as President of the International Diatom Society.

Andrzej Witkowski’s diverse activities have earned him numerous national distinctions and awards.

He will be remembered as a noble and friendly person, respected and valued by the scientific and academic community.

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